Step into the 21st century with our new Z LiteTM generation.

Created with a Euro flair, this new, high-tech design has captured the attention of many. Smooth, flowing lines of synthetic rubber, double injected into a high impact body, creates this eye appealing flashlight. Rugged and dependable under any conditions, in any kind of weather. Built with high quality in mind, the Z-LiteTM Series uses "micro" switches, powerful Krypton bulbs and unitized reflectors for an extremely efficient beam. Available this year in three, two-tone color schemes, yellow, red and blue w/black trim.

9251 2AA Z-liteTM lI

9351 2D Z-liteTM II

4800 6-Volt
Z-liteTM Lantern

4900 4AA
Z-liteTM Lantern

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