The Z-LiteTM Series features our exclusive Lumilite Super Krypton bulbs for a clear, white light that's brighter than ordinary incandescent bulbs.

To ensure a focused, colonnaded beam, the Z-liteTM Series features a computer designed prismatic reflector and a shatterproof, one-piece lens that assures watertightness. Each flashlight is fully submersible and features a visible O-ring so a positive seal is assured.
For increased durability, our Z-LiteTM Series flashlight bodies are made from shock and corrosion-resistant rubberized TylexTM. They also feature a fluted, non-slip hand-grip, a flat switch panel to help prevent rolling and a 100,000 cycle-tested push button switch for easy one-handed operation.
The Z-LiteTM lantern features a powerful 1/2 mile beam, six-position stand, back-up bulb holder, a 100,000 cycle-tested switch and uses a wireless 6-volt spring terminal battery. Plus, the Z-LiteTM is guaranteed watertight and floats.

9250 2AA Z-liteTM

9450 2C Z-liteTM

9350 2D Z-liteTM

4800 6-Volt/4D
Z-liteTM Lantern

4900 4AA
Z-liteTM Lantern

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