Independently Proven! Only Lumilite® brings you test results from an outside, independent test agency to verify product claims. MEI-Charlton Testing Lab compared the new Lumilite® ZenonTM Rubber flashlight with the competition. ZenonTM Rubber is over twice as bright.

MEI-Charlton pronounced Lumilite® brightest, most durable - simply the best:

The Most Shock Resistant!

ZenonTM Rubber also outperforms our competition in the drop test, providing you, the retailer, with the very best product for your customer.

Most Chemical Resistant!

The proprietary composition of the outer rubber skin of the new ZenonTM Rubber flashlight is more chemical resistant than any other rubber flashlight.

Innovative Design - Feel The Difference!

No other rubber flashlight offers the "Soft Touch/Great Grip" of the new ZenonTM Rubber flashlights. One more innovation from Lumilite® that improves the product performance for your customers.

2450 2AA ZenonTM Rubber 2350 2C ZenonTM Rubber 2550 2D ZenonTM Rubber 2750 3D ZenonTM Rubber 2600 4D ZenonTM Rubber 2800 6-Volt ZenonTM Rubber

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