Our K-Series features a broad selection of flashlights and lanterns designed to meet consumers' more standard needs, while maintaining the quality and durability they want.

K-Series lights use our Krypton bulbs that are 100% brighter than incandescent bulbs, and a 75,000 cycle-tested switch. Weather and shock resistant, K-Series bodies are made of tough ABS, with non-slip knurled grip and brightly colored switchplate.
The K-Series lanterns feature a chrome plated reflector, spare bulb holder, and sunken profile off/on switch. Using a wireless 6-volt spring terminal battery with positive contact at every position, they generate a powerful 1/4-mile beam.

8050 K-1AA

8150 K-2AA

8450 K-2C

8250 K-2D

8350 K-3D

8950 K-2AA

4200 K-2D

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