Lumilite is a pure US brand established in year 1981 and a privately held company.  Lumilite Special Markets LLC, a division of Lumilite International Ltd. has been serving the needs of the promotional products industry for a long period of time.  Our direction is to offer high quality battery operated, hand-held flashlight and lantern at competitive price.  We maintain offices in the U.S., Hong Kong and Canada, with warehouse and distribution facilities in Portland, Oregon (USA), and Toronto, Canada.

We have our own design and engineering team, which enable us to continuously develop new products as well as assist customers to fulfill their exclusive lighting product needs.

We produce most of the component parts of our flashlight and lantern except bulb and battery.  Our major bulb supplier is Philips and major battery supplier is Gold Peak (GP) and Energizer.  Each design and trademark is registered under Lumilite in the US so we have the ability to control the distribution of our products worldwide. 

Our products are manufactured in two major factories: one is major in aluminum while another is major in plastic flashlight and lantern production.

The factory with major in aluminum flashlight production owns more than 40 sets of CNC machines with monthly capacity that reaches 150,000 PCs. 

The factory with major in plastic flashlight and lantern production owns more than 100 injection machines.  There are also EDM and CAD machines that enable the factory to make as well as maintain molds.  The monthly capacity reaches 300,000 PCs.  Moreover, vacuum plating of reflector is also made under one roof. 

In order to maintain reputation of our outstanding quality, each product is inspected 3 times prior to shipping.  Our factories in China have their own QC teams handling in-line and semi-final inspection.  Shipment will be released if product passes our final inspection held by the QC team from Hong Kong office.  Our QA teams work closely with factories for all quality concerns and help them to improve from the initial assembly stage. 

We are a responsible manufacturer and have a customer service department located in Milwaukie, OR, US handling daily enquiry, providing problem tackle and support.  We can be easily contacted at the 1-800 numbers or by e-mail.

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