A glow body aluminum flashlight makes a legend in the history of hand-held lighting product. The light paths on the plastic body are precisely calculated for maximum light output of a glowing body that helps finding the flashlight if it is dropped with the head covered. Moreover, the two sides emitting beam provides additional safety that an end user would never dream of. High Power XRC LED, the light source of this legend is proven to be 33% brighter than general 1 Watt LED, which is your perfect choice for outdoor activity and emergency situation.

This is a new product that changes your perception of a lantern. Just press one button and the twin speakers gently swing open to allow you to play your own music device in any environment. The turn knob underneath the speaker-release button controls the built-in amplifier that allows you to adjust the volume of music at your desire. The unique designed speaker box delivers optimized bass output and sound quality. Designed into the lantern are dual device holder and universal input jack. The 7W U-tube is tailored for both high and low power mode. The entire unit is operated by 4 “D” cell batteries or the external AC/DC adaptor (included). All these features make the Mixi lantern your best choice for both indoor and outdoor use as well as emergency preparedness.

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