What replacement bulb do I use?


T-1 is used in our 1AA products. This is a bi-pin bulb. It may be used in most products that require a bi-pin bulb for a 1AA product.


LK2 bulbs are used in 2C or 2D applications. They are Krypton gas-filled bulbs and may be used in products that use the same size vacuum bulbs, often noted as "PR". Krypton bulbs are 200% brighter and generally cost the same as vacuum bulbs.


LK3 bulbs are also Krypton gas filled and are used in 3C or 3D applications.


LK4 bulbs are Krypton gas filled and are used in 2AA applications.


LK13 Krypton bulbs are used in 6 Volt lanterns. They work with both 6 Volt spring top batteries and 4D Cell adapters.


Our new line of ZenonTM gas-filled bulbs are 125% brighter than our Krypton line:

  • LZ2 for 2C or 2D products
  • LZ3 for 3C or 3D products
  • LZ4 for 2AA applications
  • LZ13 for 6 Volt lantern applications

ZenonTM bulbs will drain batteries at a higher rate than both Krypton and vacuum bulbs. However, where extreme brightness is a requirement, ZenonTM is the best product for the application. We suggest that alkaline batteries work best with the ZenonTM bulbs.

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