Lumilite® prides itself in its production and packaging capabilities. Our overseas manufacturing includes over 100 injection and blow mold machines. Combine this with highly skilled technicians and Lumilite® has the capacity to produce significant quantities of finished goods quickly and efficiently while providing on-time, quick-response shipping.

When building our packaged lineup, we start with 10 product segments. From these, we then produce a broad selection of basic to customer specific, multi-piece combo packs. Lumilite® goes to great lengths to provide vibrant, eye catching packaging and graphics for their product lines in order to create a billboard effect on the shelf or when on display.

Our ability to produce customized packs that are specifically designed to meet a retailer's needs is just one of our many services. No one in the flashlight industry offers this level of flexibility. Whether a retailer is looking for a custom pack, specific look and or design exclusive to their business, Lumilite can easily accommodate those needs.

All Lumilite® products are quality assured and laboratory tested to insure customer satisfaction. This assurance and backing significantly reduces retail product returns. All Lumilite® products are designed to meet strict specifications to insure quality, performance and consumer satisfaction.

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