About our company


Our Company

Lumilite®, a division of Lumilite® International Ltd. was founded in 1981, and is a privately held company. Lumilite® continues to be a leader in flashlight technology and design. It has established itself as one of the largest, hand-held lighting manufacturer’s of plastic and rubber flashlights and lanterns in the world, with over 300 SKU’s. Lumilite® maintains offices in the U.S., Hong Kong and Canada, with warehouse and distribution facilities in Portland, Oregon (USA), and Toronto, Canada. Our products are designed in the U.S., and then manufactured under the strictest quality control measures at our 300,000 sq. ft. production facility in China.

Our Growth

Lumilite® has been manufacturing and selling high quality, battery operated flashlights and lanterns for over 21 years, continuing to service the needs of the retailer throughout the world. We manufacture our products from our own proprietary, patented designs, and we control the worldwide distribution of these products. No other flashlight company can make this claim. Lumilite® invests a significant amount of capital towards research and development. Because of this dedication, Lumilite®continues to be a leader in innovation and design by offering the highest quality products available in the flashlight industry.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to the retail trade is very simple. Lumilite® offers the highest quality, largest selection of hand-held lighting products, packaging, and price ranges in the industry. We offer comprehensive and highly competitive direct import programs on packaged lights and bulk programs through our U.S./Canada distribution centers. And, we offer uncompromising customer service.

Our Manufacturing

Lumilite® prides itself in its production and packaging capabilities. Our overseas manufacturing includes over 100 injection and blow mold machines. Combine this with highly skilled technicians and Lumilite® has the capacity to produce significant quantities of finished goods quickly and efficiently while providing on-time, quick-response shipping.
When building our packaged lineup, we start with 10 product segments. From these, we then produce a broad selection of basic to customer specific, multi-piece combo packs. Lumilite® goes to great lengths to provide vibrant, eye catching packaging and graphics for their product lines in order to create a billboard effect on the shelf or when on display.
Our ability to produce customized packs that are specifically designed to meet a retailer’s needs is just one of our many services. No one in the flashlight industry offers this level of flexibility. Whether a retailer is looking for a custom pack, specific look and or design exclusive to their business, Lumilite can easily accommodate those needs.
All Lumilite® products are quality assured and laboratory tested to insure customer satisfaction. This assurance and backing significantly reduces retail product returns. All Lumilite® products are designed to meet strict specifications to insure quality, performance and consumer satisfaction.

Our Industry

The total flashlight industry in North America generates approximately $1 billion in sales each year. Flashlights have a 95% household penetration, with three flashlights per household. However, while this may seem adequate, 20% of these same households repeat purchase every year. This translates into strong consumer appeal when merchandised on the shelf or on display.
Flashlights are an essential part of all our daily lives and every age group. Large and small industries of all kinds depend on flashlights. Whether your customer is purchasing for personal use, emergency preparedness, outdoor recreation, or work related, Lumilite® has the right mix of items and pricing to capture those impulse, revenue generating sales.